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I am really interested in paranormal events that happens around the world, including maybe in my own house. I will try to record evidence and post it here. Ever since I moved to my current house some strange things has happened, although not so frequent I admit. Nevertheless I have security cameras in some places, and I am checking them out from time to time. I might even buy other devices that could help me record paranormal activities. Meanwhile I will post in here some stories and stuff that I find related to this subject.


May 6, 2021

Just posted my first real personal story, experiences I had in my old house when I was living with my parents and brothers. English is not my native language, so please bare with me. I might edit this story later for better reading. Enjoy!

April 26, 2021

Just did a complete change to my website, now focused on the paranormal. A couple of days ago I had the idea that I should write about it, and what better place than my own website. I will soon write my personal stories, and post others that I find in the Internet. Unfortunetly I don't have the exact day of my events, but that will change from now on.

Stay tuned please!


My Old House